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As innovative as we are, we often come up with fascinating ways for our clients to reach out to their audience and to impress, engage and communicate effectively. We are the top explainer video company based in Delhi. At Skittles Productions, we offer unique and engaging animated explainer videos which summarize your business.

Our team of young creative minds aims to offer immaculate video making services at a very competitive price. Headed by two highly experienced and result oriented professionals, we believes in consistency and unparalleled quality. Having hands-on experience working on a wide variety of film production services.

we are equipped to meet any of your video making requirements. We have the right skills and the technical knowledge to visualize your requirements and translate it into a video or a film that effortlessly speaks your thoughts to your audience.

Increase Conversion up to 50% with Our Animated Explainer Video Services India

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video makes use of appealing visuals and a crisp language to grab the viewer’s attention. An explainer video can be both informational and educational explaining what your company offers, how your products can be a solution to your customer’s problems, and why your product or service is the best in the market.

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How are Skittles Productions’ Explainer Videos unique?

Our clients often confuse an explainer video with a marketing video. Our explainer videos are distinctly different. It is a short animated video which explains your business ideas or products in a creative and concise manner. Though we are bursting with creativity, we try to keep it simple and fun. Our animation artists and voice-over artists are wizards when it comes to infusing explainer videos with magic. No less is our graphics, music and sound experts who don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to making your video visually appealing. While doing all this, our earnest effort is to stay close to the original idea and have a strong message in our storytelling.

You get the edge with Skittles Productions Explainer Videos:

As an experienced explainer video company in Delhi, you get the edge over your competition when you trust us to create your videos. Our explainer videos can help you through the various stages of sales funnel: awareness, consideration‌, and decision. An explainer video with the right message can fuel the kind of action you want your audience to take and it can do wonders for your business.

Introduce and explain your brand and product in a few seconds:

In today’s world, two things that everyone is short of are time and patience. Explainer videos quickly grab the viewer’s attention and explain your business ideas and proposals in just a few seconds. How quick and efficient!

How Skittles Build your brand awareness:

One thing that we have learned as an explainer video production company is that by using colors and landscapes in your video that pertain to your brand identity help you establish brand recognition among your target audience. The viewers will instantly know in one look who is behind the business idea and proposal. Also, using characters in the video which has the same persona as your target audience, makes it more relatable to your customers.

Boost your online visibility:

Having an interesting explainer video on your website helps in generating traffic and user retention which is very much appreciated by search engines like Google. Also, if you have uploaded it on YouTube, it helps you rank better since YouTube is the second largest search engine and third largest social media website.

Increase conversions:

If you can make your audience understand what you have to offer and you can provide them with solutions to their problems, you can tap that customer right away in merely a few seconds. This is the power of an explainer video.

Let’s get you acquainted with Explainer Video making, Skittles Productions way:

Being a dedicated explainer video company in Delhi, let us tell you how we churn up our exceptional videos.

Creative Brief

Our team of creative geniuses sits with the client and brainstorms regarding the requirements, message in the story, the target audience and the goal they are aiming at.


We know that a script that is crisp and concise is always appreciated. We pen down a story that is entertaining, creative and yet stays close to the original idea.


After the script is finalized, we create a storyboard which is basically a comic strip of your explainer video.

Illustrations and designs

Once everything is finalized, our professional illustrators draw all the graphic elements used in the video depending upon the style of the video chosen. Animation and voiceover artists spin their magic if we are creating an animation video.

Music and SFX

The final stage is to edit and mix the recordings, background music, and SFX together.

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