Skittles Productions is a comprehensive video production company based in Delhi which offers corporate video & film production services to national and international brands, businesses and agencies.

We are Storytellers!

One of the leading film production houses in Delhi, Skittles Productions acts as the effective source of communication to convey the brand message to the target audience. We are storytellers as our crisp concept of narration enables businesses to present their ideas through short duration video production services. According to the project brief shared by clients, we work on the plan to create impactful videos further cater to their unique business requirements and become the best film production house in Delhi NCR.

Social media engagement is prevalent at present which gets complemented by video production services for business promotion. At Skittles Productions, we emphasize on attracting target audience through our well-tailored packages of film production services. Whether it is a short video, corporate video, ad film or other video production services, we believe in using artistic, innovative and unique ideas to portray the brand value of an organization. In our journey to become the trusted video production House in Delhi, our team has constantly and consistently used creative strategies.

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Skittles Productions is steadily and consistently working towards its objective to become one of the top film production companies in Delhi, India. Our innovative and brilliant ideas are worth exploring for engaging users. From creative films, TV commercial ads, corporate videos, explainer video, testimonials video and documentaries to other video production services, we also envision to become the stellar video production company in Delhi, India.

Corporate Video

In the sphere of video marketing, digital media has played a vital role to find target audience. The compelling and easy to comprehend corporate videos are customized by us to match business promotion objectives of our clients. The experienced corporate film makers at Skittles Production use an effective and creative strategies to convey brand message while covering the vision, mission and belief of the company. In the modern era, corporate video content is the most demanded content format preferred by users.

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TV Commercial

At Skittles Productions, we pride ourselves to be among the top ad film production houses in Delhi known for offering a wide range of video production services. Being a one stop solution for all TV Commercial needs, we exceptionally help you in communicating your company’s brand message through engaging and easy to understand TV Commercial Ads. If you are looking for the best TV commercial production companies in Delhi-NCR, we should top your list. We are a name that is renowned for redefining the visual advertisement space.

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Animated Video

With our immense innovation, we often come up with fascinating ways for our clients to reach out to their audience and to impress, engage and communicate effectively. We are one of the top explainer video companies in Delhi known for creating some of the most spectacular videos intended at user engagement.

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Short Films

There is a rise in the demand for animated short films and hence for short film makers in Delhi. In this new era of digitization where we literally want everything now and quick, the way we consume media has also changed. These days when everyone expects you to convey your thoughts in a 280 character limit and prefers to read listicle article over the long, verbose articles, brevity has become the new tool and trend.

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Best Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR

Skittles Productions, one of the reliable film production houses in Delhi-NCR, focuses on creativity and brilliance. If you want to convert target users into customers, digital ads, testimonials videos and explainer videos are the best medium to create brand awareness. Our team has a versatile portfolio in visualizing and executing stellar quality of video production services in Delhi. With our impressive, compelling and result-driven editing skills, we have consistently been the most-sought after video production company in Delhi. Always striving for perfection and industry-wise excellence, our video production services are what you need to stand out of the crowd.


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NEC Wires & Cables | Corporate video | Wire Manufacturing video

Masters’ Union School of Business | Leading business school in Gurugram | Corporate video

How We Work

Being one of the prominent film production houses in Delhi, Skittles Productions focuses on the project brief offered by the client. Based on the discussion, tailor-made video production services are uniquely offered to the clients covering their vision, mission, services and business in a captivating video. The various stages of video production services including pre-production, production and post-production are blended with strategic vision. We are a team of experienced filmmakers that adds essence to the video content according to the business theme of the client. At Skittles Productions, the elements of corporate video production are evaluated and presented in the storytelling format to deliver the personalized video for the brand.

  • Brief

    Brief us about your requirement

  • Target Audience

    We analyze your target audience

  • Pre-Production

    Pre-production begins which includes conceptualization, script & storyboard

  • Location Recce

    Before the shoot, Skittlers perform the location recce

  • Production

    Production of the video begins with all equipments

  • First Cut

    The entire footage is edited to share the first cut

  • Final Cut

    Final cut is delivered incorporating all your feedback

Why Skittles

Skittles Productions is a dynamic film production house in Delhi NCR, that provides a wide array of video production services to the clients. Our proactive & proficient team of filmmakers and video production professionals have expertise and leave no stone unturned to come up with unique solution. We offer thought-provoking pieces of art which will compel viewers to think and explore the brand. If you wish to create a long-lasting impression on your audience while giving them a reason to invest in your services, our film production company help you with the customized business plan. Connect with us to our perseverance and dedication which we put limitlessly in all our projects.



Kadir Rana

Kadir Rana


He comes with more than 7 years of experience in the field. His core strength lies in adding up substantial value to every project undertaken by him. Passionate about his work he switches on to different roles and different task as required. Equally active in pre-production, production, and post-production, he plays an instrumental role in building and maintaining the relationship with the clients and managing projects.

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Gursimran Jassal

Gursimran Jassal


Friendly and accommodative, she is always full of energy and creative ideas. Her ability to multitask makes her the most valuable possession of Skittles Productions. Whether its managing clients to handling shoots, she knows how to get her work done. Don’t get smitten by her lovely smile, she is a hardcore professional, who is always ready to roll her sleeves up to take on any challenge

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