Why Your Business Needs Animated Videos?

When you check on Google and read the statistics, you will found that videos are better received than text-based content. But have you ever given consideration to what type of videos your business needs? Countless options i.e. corporate videos, explainer videos, animated videos, social media videos, company profile videos, etc. are there. However, one of the most popular options is animated videos that you can get with a professional animated video production company.

Many businesses think that animated videos are not a good deal but check out the following undeniable reasons that will tell you that animated videos are a true winner among all:

  • An animated video is more engaging

Just think a little back when you were a small kid, you used to glue to the TV and watch cartoons for so many hours. Don’t you think there is something about these animated cartoons that grab our attention! If you still think there is nothing like that, then you should know that the famous ‘The Simpsons’ achieved around 13 million viewers per episode and the Family Guy touched an impressive number of 12 million adult viewers. Let’s accept it, everyone loves cartoons.

  • You do not have to work hard to make a sell

You must get agreed that animated videos are a light-hearted way to get spread your message effectively. Since animated videos are more engaging and less pushy, your audience is less likely to skip or turn off the video. However, it is important to use an interesting character for promoting your brand and products. Now, animated videos are considered as a subtle way to get your ‘sales’ message in much more effective and meaningful way.

  • No segregation in animated videos

The best thing about animated videos is that you cannot truly separate anybody. You can connect with all types of audiences. This is one of the reasons why animated videos come handy if you are covering a wide demographic. In addition to this, it is not necessary to use ‘human’ as your main character. You can do experiments when it comes to the lead character for your video. You can even see the most popular mascots of Walt Disney, Michelin, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, etc. and take some inspiration.

  • Options are endless for storyline

Yes! You read it right. When you are choosing animated videos for your business, you can come up with ANY (yes ANY) storyline you like. When writing for such videos, just put the rules out of the window and think about anything that can help you promote and sell your products. For animated videos, it is said that crazier is better. So, you do not have to be serious all the time. You can go for funny story, inspirational story, or anything you like.

  • Illustrations of your videos can simply the message

Your message might be a little complicated than your thinking. We are saying this because if you have so many stats to present, then it is best to go for other options like infographic videos. Using animated text in your animated videos is attention-grabbing and easy on the eyes. Alternatively, you can use an animated character to connect with your audience better by presenting the possible issues and solutions through your products.

  • Animated characters are reliable

Being a human, we all tend to pass quick judgments on others. Well! We cannot help it because it is in our genetics! However, for some good reasons an animated character has the ability to achieve what you cannot with a human character. Your audience will trust you and better connect with you through your videos if you use a friendly character in it. However, it is good to take help of the best animated video production company for the desired results.

Final Thought

Convinced? Yes! Then why don’t you join your hands with us to create an impressive animated video for your business! We have a dedicated team of professionals to handle everything with perfection and precision. So, get in touch with us and our expert team will help you create animated videos that you can use to realize your business goals.