Types of Explainer videos that work best for Businesses

Explainer videos are short-form videos usually used for marketing or sales purposes that highlight a company’s product, service in an efficient way. Explainer videos simplify complicated theories and break them down into many simple ideas that are easy to understand.  As we know, the internet gets flooded with hundreds of videos every second. Though, many of those videos are of no value. So, one thing we cannot refuse is the increasing demand for videos. According to a survey, 80% of the total internet traffic comes through videos by 2021, if you’re not utilizing the power of videos then you are missing out on a massive opportunity.

The scope of explainer videos is miraculous and it is easy to understand.  Explainer videos are one of the most effective forms of content a brand can publish, a good explainer video can have a powerful impact on your audience by communicating the value of your product or services in a visual format. When it comes to educating prospects, video is hard to beat. It helps Consumers to immediately understand what a product or service is and how it makes their life better. According to a survey 94% of people admitted they’d used an explainer video to learn more about a service or product. Explainers are fabulous and well-watched.

With so many benefits offered by Explainer Videos, big brands usually prefer hiring Explainer Video Production Company. In case you are still thinking why should you invest time on hiring explainer video production company and which type of explainer video work best, then read on.

5 Types of Explainer Videos that work best for businesses are:

1. Motion Graphics Explainer Video:

Motion graphic videos are videos that primarily use artwork and moving graphics. It may seem that motion graphics videos are the same as 2D but it’s not true there is a strong difference between them. In motion graphics explainer videos, the accent is about the facts and ideas, not the design.

2. 3D Animated Explainer Video:

3D animated explainer video styles are a customized version of 2D ones. Their main dissimilarity is in the illustrations used while 2D videos employ flat design. 3D videos work with three dimensions to create an image: height, width, and depth and 3D videos are more realistic 3D animated videos will not save you costs, but if it is made by professionals then it will be more stunning.

3. 2D Animated Video:

There are several styles in Animation video 2D animated video is just one of them It is one of the most cost-effective explainer videos. It works in 2 dimensions. In fact, it is a cartoon: the characters and decorations are created in a flat (2-dimensional) escape.in 2D animated video, the characters and background can be drawn by hand or computer.

4. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos:

Whiteboard animation is a video where the viewer’s static images being drawn on the screen.  A whiteboard animation video can be a fabulous effective tool. Its process is fast and the story develops with no delays and all images appear quick.

5. Live-action Explainer Videos:

The unique feature of Live-action explainer videos is, it is made with using real shot video footage with minimum animation and motion graphics it is used for explaining a product or service.


Lastly, it will not be wrong to say that explainer videos are the best source for businesses for promoting their products and services and video is the best medium to communicate with your audience and be aware of your products and services because people prefer videos more than articles or any other things.

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