Top 5 Trends in Video Marketing

Over the last few years digital marketing has found a vital space for itself in a company’s marketing plans and strategies. And a prominent aspect of the digital marketing space is video marketing. Video marketing is the latest trend when it comes to a business’s medium to communicate with their target audience. Explainer videos for their products, promoting newly launched products or services, awareness videos about new offers or schemes and in many more way’s videos have helped businesses market their brand creatively and thereby enhance their sales. With the significance of video marketing growing by leaps and bounds let’s have a look at the latest trends in video marketing.

Video marketing strategies

5 Trends in Video Marketing

1. eLearning

We don’t need a brick and mortar classroom, nor do we need the chalk and talk method only anymore. Learning can now be done virtually, online. The adoption of the eLearning trend is growing steadily across the globe. It’s a flexible concept to render learning to a diverse set of people via videos. This impactful, informative and powerful online training material can help the learner understand the concepts thoroughly.

2. Vlogs

Vlogging is in complete vogue! A “video blog” has grown from a mere fun time hobby to becoming a radical tool of video marketing. The appealing, entertaining and personal approach a vlog carries helps businesses to utilize it for their marketing purposes. Vlogs combines the beauty and advantages of blogging and streaming both. An embedded video along with supporting content, images and text is a growing trend in video marketing allowing vloggers to earn well through them!

3. Live Streams

Live streaming has gained increasing popularity because the matter that you see on the live video is real time and unadulterated. Live streaming is also economical and does not need much of an investment. It also does not incur additional costs of editing etc. Live videos can be saved, retained and officially uploaded whenever required for promotional purposes.

4. In Sync with The Device

Videos are viewed across various platforms and on various devices. It is essential that the format of the video must adapt with the device. While earlier video formats were mainly horizontal, increasing use on the internet over the phones and tablets had made video formats go vertical. An intermediate alternative is square videos that use appropriate screen space and receive more engagement.

5. 360 Degree Videos

These videos are apparently the next big thing! 360-degree videos are a splendid form of videography that can put across content in an extremely impressive way. They help the user to control the point of view and the narrative. Such videos connect with a viewers’ psyche more deeply than the usual videos. Hence businesses have now started incorporating 360-degree videos in their online marketing plans.

Once your core mission, vision, target audience and business goal are clear, video marketing helps a company’s marketing content to come across attractively and with a personal approach. The above-mentioned techniques and trends in video marketing will help your business to increase your market reach with limited monetary investments.