The world of TV Commercials and the goals they achieve!

A television advertisement is a paid form of national TV advertising where an organization pays to the TV network to buy a particular TV schedule to advertise his product or service. This span of television programming is produced by the organization itself and aimed to spark interest in a product or service. It effectively conveys a message to the desired demographic audience, markets a product or service and helps reposition your brand. Advertisers and marketers refer to this TV programming as television commercials or TVCs.

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Even today, it’s hard to find a replacement for television as it’s the most entertaining thing around as well as the best source of information. We utilize the television daily in our lives and thus TV various advertisements are reaching out to every audience daily helping influence their buying decisions. Right from cartoons, celebrity talks, to sports, soaps, news, movies, reality shows, and primetime programs, companies can simply take their pick and decide during which TV programs they want to play their TV commercial.

TV advertising time slots

In general, all television commercials or advertisements have different time slots. You can pick up a 30-second brief commercial slot or longer time slot depending on the price ranges between the TV medium and TV shows. Please note that prices may fluctuate and may be slightly higher during the peak hours. For example, if you are choosing a time slot anywhere between noon to 4 p.m. soap rotation, the price for the same commercial may be higher. So the cost to run a TV ad totally depends on your location, local affiliates, the television stations whether local or national and also the time of the year. Most organizations choose to go with popular shows even if an expensive affair as their audience is huge. Such TV advertisements are known as prime time commercials. While some large businesses are opting for 60-second commercials to advertise their business and stand out, the ideal length preferred for most commercials is still 30 seconds.

What goals can you achieve with TV advertising?

Television advertising is an endlessly flexible and versatile medium that has the capability of fulfilling a wide range of tasks starting from launching a brand to provoking the entire population towards the purchase of any product. Let us highlight some of the goals that an entrepreneur desires to achieve through television advertisement.

Changing customer behavior

Television advertisements do not solely discuss consumption rather it tries to change the customer’s behavior and perception towards a specific brand. Ubiquity and the frequency of ads are popular media planning techniques that could change the consumer’s behavior, his perception and subsequently encourage them for making a purchase decision.

Generating direct response

Since the ‘80s most retailers have been using television for maximizing their success rate. Seasonal and promotional offers along with new store openings are often conveyed to the public through television advertising. Viewers often use search engines to find brands that they hear about through TV and were displayed in the TV advertisement recently. Naturally, brands investing more in TV ads are likely to get more viewer response as compared to others.

TV ads

Demonstration purpose

Another major strength of TV ads is its capability to demonstrate. Sometimes, viewers require an understanding of the working protocol of products for its convenience and benefits. The moving image accompanied with powerful sound effects lures customers and makes the product or service even more attractive. Demonstration of any product also allows consumers to understand its applicability/functionality which allows them to avail those products.

Launching brands

Television is, without a doubt, the most effective medium for launching a brand. It combines both scales and reaches with persuasiveness and impact required for launching a new brand. TV ads create rich emotional connections which are not filtered through the cognitive brain when watched in a relaxed state. Thus, TV could be the best bet for entrepreneurs for endorsing new brands, increasing brand awareness and their presence in the market.