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We at skittlesproductions create marketing videos that connect. Our team of creative directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, and editors work closely with you to create films that speak your brand's message – And do so in a way that is sure to leave an impact. The best part is that we are the one-stop solution for corporate video, commercial video, animated explainer videos, and short films.

We Create Brand Videos That Connect

Our production house has expertise in various genres, including documentary films, brand ads, and advertisements. We understand the importance of creating a film that connects with your audience, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that your brand's message comes across clearly. The main aspect is that we do not just focus on sharing the story with Visual Video but also see to it that the film is excellent in every aspect. Check out some of our work here:

So, if you desire to be in the limelight, your business needs a dynamic Corporate Video Production Company like Skittles Productions.

Advantages of Corporate Video For Your Business

1. Corporate videos are very interactive and impactful.

2. Story of the brand is conveyed with the audience in an engaging manner .

3. The use of a corporate video is intended at creating trust based relationship with the users.

4. Corporate videos help the brand in attaining increased presence on social media platforms.

5. A corporate video is a synopsis of everything that a brand wants to convey and therefore helps in getting more user attention.

6. The return on investment or ROI is very high with corporate videos.

7. Variations of audio visual projects, animation, graphics, text, images and other interactive elements will help users in understanding the nature of business of the company.

How corporate video leaves an impact on the target audience?

  • When the audience knows a brand story, they feel more connected to the brand and thus they are more likely to use its services.
  • Corporate videos have an indirect call to action, such that after watching it, people might feel curious to visit the client’s company website or social media pages. This helps in increasing brand awareness.
  • Sometimes, emotional touch in a corporate video production works as an ace card. For example – If a certain brand is existing for generations, it can introduce a creative video with the message “We cherish being your companion since ages” and this can leave a great impact on the audience.

Corporate video production company helps in establishing the brand in a better way. If you are wondering where to start, we being a seasoned corporate film makers in Delhi can help your brand achieve more with corporate video.

With a burning desire to excel in the digital market, we are here to offer our best services… Our team is well-versed with various stages of making a corporate video – from conceptualization to execution, from storyboard to design implementation. A corporate video should not seem boring or just a pretty little story without a soul. Reach out to us to strike the right balance with the viewers and create a convincingly thought provoking brand story. After all, the conviction with which you deliver makes all the difference!

Why Choose Skittles For Corporate Video Production in Delhi?

Skittles Productions understands that corporate videos are the new age medium of communication through which corporate companies can communicate what their business is about in just a few seconds and also share their business vision with the audience. We are the best corporate video production company in Delhi that produces corporate videos for companies irrespective of their scope and size. Right from liasing with the client and organizing the ideas via storyboard to delivering the final output, Skittles Productions does it in a very seamless manner. We are the best corporate film makers in Delhi NCR producing high definition corporate film and video production services in Delhi to educate your customers about your products and services.


Business promotion has become creative with the emergence video production. This is simply due to the circulation and upload of corporate video which gets prepared by the professional filmmakers. These film makers ensure that videos intended at business promotion are short, crisp and meaningful. Corporate video is aimed at maximum engagement within a short span of time.

The corporate sector is no more limited to traditional marketing process. In fact, it has adopted corporate film making, an innovative approach to yield maximum user engagement without any monotony. Unlike the long textual and yesteryears’ ads, the corporate video production team ensures simple & easy to understand concept is used in the corporate film.

The major purpose of creating a corporate video is to inform, educate, spread brand awareness and engage users to try the products or services of the brand. Therefore, the essential elements which the corporate video production services should emphasize on are: demonstration of the use of products or services, highlighting USPs and significance of the brand along with testimonials. These elements will make the corporate video effective and resourceful. If the video has to be circulated in the organization, then, training and safety of employees are aspects which need attention of the corporate film makers.

When it comes to promoting any business, the type of corporate videos should be reflected over. This will make the impact of the video production services positive further leading to improved brand awareness. Some of the corporate videos include:

  • Brand video: This video highlights business and it is uploaded on Home or About Page of the website. This short video talks about the brand story, brand value and how the business is all set to make a difference in the niche industry. The brand video should be able to communicate ideas and motives of the organization, but, in a concise manner.
  • Email Video: In order to increase the click-through rate, email video should be used in the marketing strategy. It is witnessed that by merely adding term ‘video’ to the email subject, open rates tend to increase comparatively. In case, the email does not support video, then, using hyperlink or screenshot of the video with the play button proves to serve the purpose of email video.
  • Testimonial video: As the name suggests, this type of corporate video is much more than a review. It portrays how the brand contributed to the problem-solving source in the life of a customer. In addition, the testimonial video highlights the organization’s reputation positively.
  • FAQ video: At times, addressing the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs can be the major way of engaging new users towards the brand. But, with the advancement in animation and creative corporate video production services, FAQ video makes the experience of users simplified by recording the answers of the questions. Alternatively, the 2D animation or explainer video can be used to covered all the FAQs in a summarized manner.

Corporate videos lend voice to your brand and the numbers about the success of the organization create trust to improve engagement rate. In terms of the format of the video, it is absolutely customizable and aimed at direct communication. Some of the formats which are available for recording corporate videos are:

  • MP4: This format is ideal for storing audio, video, text and images while the HD quality as well as small size of the video can be retained with MP4.
  • MOV: This format of video designed by Apple is suitable for Quick Time Player. However, after the upgrade, MOV is also compatible with Windows and it can store video effects apart from text.
  • WMV: Developed by Microsoft, this video format runs on Windows Media Player. It offers high video quality and yet uses small size in terms of storage

Depending on the business promotion requirement or the purpose of shooting corporate video, the location for recording can be used. For instance, if the video is about reaching target audience while launching the product, then, the ideal backdrop with business highlights will prove to be an effective way of recording the corporate video. On the other hand, if you are informing about the brand highlights and want your audience to get a tour of your organization, then, indoor shoot in the premises of your office will a perfect idea to reflect over.

Our professional corporate film makers discuss the project and its outcome with your team initially. After assessing your brand’s promotional strategy, our creative production team comes up with the relevant and powerful script to make the best and impactful corporate video. However, if you have some suggestions or plan of action, but, want our assistance in the execution of presentable script, then, Skittles Productions will offer you suitable services according to your business requirements.

At Skittles Productions, we are committed to bring excellence of our client’s organization through crisp and engaging video presentation of the brand. Our services, mechanism, nature of business and objectives of the project are aligned harmoniously to deliver the best corporate video production services to all sized businesses. We focus on the essence of the business and understand the prime purpose of creating the corporate video before beginning the production work on the custom video for the organization. Ever since the inception of our business, we have prioritized every project of corporate video production in a transparent manner, thus, gaining the trust of our new and existing clients.


Over the past decade, our team has seen transitions and new trends adding on to strengthen video production strategy. In our journey, we have used advanced technology in post-production and editing the video content phases. Apart from this, we invest on equipment backed up by smart technology to boost the quality of corporate video production services. With utmost professionalism, technological advancements, cloud-enabled infrastructure and virtual reality technology are clubbed together to deliver the powerful corporate video production strategy. to all sized businesses. We focus on the essence of the business and understand the prime purpose of creating the corporate video before beginning the production work on the custom video for the organization. Ever since the inception of our business, we have prioritized every project of corporate video production in a transparent manner, thus, gaining the trust of our new and existing clients.

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