How can a Corporate Video Production Company help home businesses to grow?

For a home business, including videos in the business strategy possibly accelerate growth and may put the business in a fast lane.

Collectively, the rise in the number of mobile phones, better IT technology and infrastructure, internet penetration, and a faster internet speed are the factors that have transformed the way we consume content. The demand for video content has massively increased over the past few years.

Here are a few interesting facts about why videos that you may find interesting:

  1. On average, about 40% of the consumers process visual information better vis-à-vis plain text making video a great marketing tool.
  2. Videos are immensely useful to increase a landing page conversion and can improve the page conversion rate by 80%.
  3. Video is a confidence booster for a potential customer. A video engages a prospect even before the sales team does. It reaffirms the prospect’s perception of a brand or product.
  4. Including a video on a website page increase the chances of a first-page ranking by 53% and gets 41% more clicks. A video embedded on a page also improves conversions by 300%.
  5. Video increases the time spent on the page by 2.6 times.

Additionally, here are key advantages of a video for a company:

Better Brand Image

Including a professionally created corporate video in the marketing communication creates a positive image of a brand and create a trust that makes the communication effective and well received.

Tells a story

You can invest and hire a corporate video production company to come up with a video that tells your story in an emotionally appealing and engaging manner. If done strategically, such videos may even go viral and can reach millions of people resulting in brand awareness and brand visibility.

Reduces cognitive load

Our minds process videos much faster than text, or images. As a result, a message conveyed through a video is received faster and has a longer retention cycle delivering effective outcomes.

Drive Results

Including a CTA in the video primes it for results. A viewer is more likely to respond to a call to action displayed in a video than a text or message.

Application of Corporate Videos

Depending on the objective to be achieved, videos may have many applications. A single video may accomplish one or more of the applications. Here are some of the ways, video can help companies:

  1. Product videos: A product video may be an advertisement or just a launch video showcasing the features and benefits of a product.
  2. Testimonial videos: Customer testimonial in the Video form are the ultimate form of customer endorsement and immediately puts all the doubts of a viewer at rest.
  3. Announcement videos: New information can also be announced through a video. Such videos have a much larger reach than an announcement made through the textual medium.
  4. Training videos: How-to, demo, and instructional videos are all forms of training videos. It is easier to follow video instruction than reading and understanding a mountain of texts.
  5. Company profile videos: A company profile in video form cuts through the noise and present the journey of a company in the most engaging way possible.

No one in their right mind would argue against the overall role of Videos in the success of a campaign. A professionally created video may provide a massive boost to businesses.

Having sing praises for video in overall company strategy, there are few important things that must not be overlooked in relation to a video.


For small businesses, in order to become effective, a video must be engaging. The target audience and the objective must be defined even before the concept of a video strikes one’s mind.

Video production is a dedicated job and requires expertise and the right combination of many factors. It must not be assigned to amateurs and only a dedicated Corporate Video Production Company must be entrusted with the job.

A Corporate Video Production Company commands all the skills and tools to produce videos that can help home businesses to grow.