Exploring Latest Trends In Corporate Video Production

When corporate identity has to be maintained and brand promotion is lined up, then, several tactics are worth a consideration. But, nothing works as effective as corporate videos as they have potential to communicate with the audience precisely. The creative concept, thrilling visuals, theme of the business and sticking to the central message of the business are summarized in the corporate video production services. These services have undergone transformation with the passage of time to make the outcome much prompt. Moreover, engaging the target users has been much simplified with the help of video production services for corporate sector.

Are you wondering how to select the best variant of video production services for promoting your business? In that case, let’s take a look at some of the promising trends of corporate video production which are worth a consideration:

LIVE video streaming: The influence of LIVE videos is directly witnessed on brand promotion as businesses share their insights as a part of LIVE video streaming. It is the best medium to connect with the target audience and discuss about the upcoming products or ventures. The option to interact with the users also make this trend of corporate video production reliable.

Vlogging: Vlogging is one of the powerful trends of video production in the corporate sector, wherein, how-to and educational videos relevant in daily lives are covered. Be it on YouTube, FaceBook or Instagram, vlogging is ideal for expressing USPs of business, showcase experience of the company and offer daily life corporate journey with the users.

Easily searchable videos: These videos are similar to stories share through vlogging. But, this trend of corporate video production enables to keep a record of business promotion activities of an organization. They can even be helpful for businesses in uploading short videos on Instagram or YouTube to talk about trending topics related to business. On a regular basis, these easily searchable videos grab the attention of people further improving user engagement rate.

YouTube Tutorials or educational videos: Whether it is a tutorial or educational video of short duration, users love this trend of corporate video production as it proves to be a vast source of information. Unlike long texts of content, videos are easy to understand and they can be conveniently accessed while exploring information about any business.

Experiential marketing: This strategy of marketing motivates users to engage through real time customer experience. With the help of experiential marketing, LIVE experiences are shared on various platforms to ascertain the reliability of any brand. This trend of corporate video production is indeed very promising and influential.

Auto captioning all videos: Most of the times, the videos or ads which appear between any app may have volume, yet, people may or may not like to turn up the volume. In such cases, videos with auto-captioning proves to be the best idea to keep users informed with these captions. Even if the video is muted, these captions enable the users to understand the video. As a result, they may not even skip the video in between.

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Effects of COVID-19 On The Video Production and Media Industry

The global outbreak has completely changed the world. The economic fallout alone represents an unprecedented calamity that will leave everyone reeling for years. So many things will never be the same for all of us. Due to this crisis, every industry and countless workers are also facing their own catastrophe. Several businesses will not easily survive this downturn and the entertainment industry has not been out of danger!

Many marquee production work and related activities have been postponed or delayed due to the Corona pandemic. Even an institution like Hollywood has also been brought to its knees because of this ongoing Corona crisis.

Since Corona is here to stay for a longer period, should we lock ourselves inside the room and put everything on hold? Maybe not! But what is the solution to deal with this critical situation? Continue reading to find the answer to this question.

Is Remote Production Future of this Industry?

Like other industries, more and more people are now telecommuting. Remote technologies like Zoom call, Google meet, etc. allow for easy on-air collaboration. However, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. While some of the best practices are already developed, many are under the pipeline. But some of these existing technologies for video production can greatly help your team work together and better remotely.

All you need to do the following for the same:

  1. Organized asset management: Keeping everything organized and streamlined is the key in the video production industry. Even a short video project boasts of multiple raw videos, images, text files, audio recordings, etc. However, the need for logical, clear, and structured management is even more important when your teams are working remotely. Having simple-to-use and secure integration can prove to be a lifesaver in such a condition. Whether it is Google Drive, Dropbox, enterprise servers, or other storage options, everything will be easier for your teams if they fit like a glove with your plans and workflows.
  2. Set up workflows for video production: To keep everyone in your team on task, you will need systematic workflows for the remote post-production work. Your primary objectives should ensure that the assigned tasks cannot be misinterpreted. And for this, you will need to establish priorities and set up clear deadlines. The less ambiguity in the process is better! These are the reasons why clear task and project management are necessary to keep everything user-friendly particularly for the new members of the project.
  3. Create roles and appoint task managers: To keep everything on track, every member of your team should have a clear role to play. Since you are not working physically, it becomes more than important for you to avoid confusion. For this, you can use the workflow platform wherein every member can check roles into their dashboard to know what is exactly served on their plates. And this must be overseen by the top-level managers who delegate tasks to different members. This step is not only important for the team members as well as for you as tracking will become an easy task for you.
  4. Prioritize the ongoing communication: We all know that communication is important. And you can make it super easy with commenting or similar capabilities created directly into your workflow platform. This will allow your team members to participate in a particular task to clear doubts, ask questions, provide updates, and offer insights. Other interfaces such as Slack or Zoom can also be extremely helpful when you want to organize and prioritize communication in the world where emails are no longer enough.

Final Words

We all know that digital disruption has been coming and affecting everyone. But remote technologies are proving themselves to be outstanding tools as corporate video production teams are forced to adapt. Applications like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro (FCP) are easily available that corporate filmmakers like us are doing post-production work at home without any hassle. Lastly, we will only say that Corona is affecting everything and everyone but this moment in time when crisis, artistic ingenuity, and technologies have all collide will change the entertainment industry forever.

Top 5 Tips To Make Video Marketing Strategy Successful

A business video involves essential strategy of production to communicate with the audience. Whether you have chosen in-house filmmakers or hired a team of experts to shoot a video, focus is the buzz word. The prime focus of video production is indeed knowing target audience followed by the promotion. That’s right! Any corporate production service is incomplete without video marketing strategy. If your organization is adept at promoting blog and any other form of content, then, it’s time to emphasize on the promotion of video as well.

Besides, it is totally undeniable that people are able to connect with the video readily and marketing makes the process simplified. A realistic concept, clear message to be shared and quality of the video should always be prioritized before proceeding with the promotion. Hence, it is necessary for you to invest time on preparing the storyline of the video prior to its shooting. This will lead to the phenomenal conversion and drive in traffic to your website.

Ways To Make Video Marketing Better

  • Video thumbnail with a smile and utmost relevance
  • Share button plugins need to be incorporated while uploading video
  • Running video campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  • Playing the video at an event to spread corporate vision
  • Share the video in online communities after uploading

Making Video Marketing Simpler And Resourceful

1. Video thumbnail with a smile and utmost relevance

Thumbnail of video plays a crucial role in its marketing. It determines whether a user will play or skip the video instinctively. Audience tries to get the first impression through video thumbnail which lasts longer. In short, using the compelling thumbnail for the video is the indispensable prerequisite to reflect over.

If you are not sure how to make the thumbnail effective and relevant, then, selecting the smiling face shot will be appropriate. On the other hand, you can even pause the video where human with direct eye-contact is shown. This will prove to be the ideal video thumbnail to attract attention of the user.

2. Share button plugins need to be incorporated while uploading video

The power of social media is widespread and you will definitely want the video to become viral. Nevertheless, it will be possible only if you add ample of share buttons of various social media platforms while uploading the video. The audience loves to share the video with their friends or relatives on social media if the video content is impressive. Therefore, you should incorporate the share buttons of commonly used platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

3. Running video campaign on Facebook and Twitter

Connecting with potential customers or audience within a short span of time is the definite part of marketing the business video. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms to share professional and personal posts. Thus, when you run the video marketing campaign of these two social media networks, spreading a word about your business will become easier. Most of all, this video will drive in the interested users to your website smoothly.  To run the campaign smoothly, you should hire a social media marketing company. The best and cost-effective social media marketing services can drive users to your website swiftly.

4. Playing the video at an event to spread corporate vision

Most of the business events offer an exposure to ventures to present themselves. When you participate in such events, then, playing the video in front of audience will be absolutely resourceful. Long back-to-back speeches, monotonous briefing can be side-lined when it comes to video marketing. A concise and strategically prepared video will give insights to the audience interactively. Engagement of users is a pragmatic thought due to the gigantic strength of people at these corporate events.

5. Share the video in online communities after uploading

Take the initiative of spreading business vision within your network after getting it uploaded. You can start sharing it with the online communities. Creating chat threads related to your video or new projects can be carried out to promote your business. All you need to do is actively get involved in groups related to industry and spread a word about your venture for improved user engagement. Explainer video can be shared through LinkedIn group, Twitter chat or Reddit to address inbound video marketing efforts of participants.

Now that you are familiar with the above tips, start implementing them to convert potential customers by the promotion of video content. Last, but not the least, if you have qualms about the execution of these handy measures, then, hire the best video content marketing agencies.

Importance of Corporate Videos for Your Business

A beautifully created video can help you showcase your company’s profile and its offerings. It is an outstanding way to reach more and more people and create a long-lasting impression of your brand and its products. Today, in this post, we will tell you about the importance of corporate video with the help of a professional video production house in Delhi. Meanwhile, we will also shed some light on the reasons to hire an expert for stunning videos and help your business stand out.

If you are still puzzled and unsure about corporate videos, then you must check out the following 5 points to increase brand value and nurture brand loyalty:

  • Grow business reach

A professionally created corporate video can easily highlight the identity of your brand to mass audiences. By uploading videos of your services or products on social media and other platforms, you can reach to a maximum number of people and entice them. Meanwhile, you can promote brand awareness for more business revenue.

  • Elevator pitch

By investing in corporate videos for your business, you can demonstrate your unique proposition directly to your targeted customers and clients. Basically, the purpose of these videos is to tell your unique story about your brand and products/services. In simple terms, corporate videos are best for presenting crucial information about your business in the short span to leave an impression.

  • Viral videos for your business

Once you have the corporate videos created by a leading video production house in Delhi i.e. Skittles Productions, you can use the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to promote your brand and services. Since these videos are focused on your targeted audience and their interest, you can make the most out of them. Such likable and sharable videos will help you interact with your audience and grab the chances of new business revenue.

  • Get uniquely created corporate video

To grab the attention of maximum eyeballs of your audience, you should always have something unique to offer to your future clients. This uniqueness must connect well with your video production to make its message unique and bespoke. A leading corporate video production company can uniquely present your business so that you can change customer’s perceptions towards your products and services.

  • Entertaining and short videos

A professional corporate video production company in India knows the elements that make a video useful and profitable for a business. The length of the video is one of the factors on which they pay special attention. They will help you convey your message in the short yet entertaining videos so that more and more people can watch it. If you do not believe us, then you must check out some popular videos on YouTube. Short and entertaining videos get more views because long videos are considered tedious and dull.

Closing Remarks

If you see the latest market demand and trends of online marketing, you will find that videos are everywhere. Even Google loves videos more than text-based content. So, you must think about working with a prominent video production house in Delhi to get videos that can help you promote your business and touch new milestones.

A Simple Yet Detailed Explanation of the Corporate Video Production Process

Corporate Video Production Process

Using videos to convey your corporate message is an easy yet effective way. It helps you make the most of your content to prepare a solid path for success before you think about picking up your camera. You know what! Great and successful videos are not only about high-tech cameras and microphones but it is about proper planning, forethought, and of course a kick-ass strategy. If you are thinking about corporate video production and not sure about its process or essential steps involved, then just put down your camcorder and enjoy coffee.

In this post, we will elaborate on the corporate video production process but before that, you must understand what video production process is all about!

What is the Process of Corporate Video Production?

For many people, video production is all about pressing the recording button but it is more than that. The process of making a corporate video involves a total of 3 phases – Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production, everything right from conceptualization to completion of the idea, everything is included in these steps. In the first phase – Pre-Production, you plan and coordinate, in the second phase i.e. Production, you capture elements you want to use in your corporate video, and lastly, in Post-Production, you combine and edit the elements captured to create the final video.

Elaborating the Corporate Video Production Process

While this process varies depending on the content, style, timeline, budget, and effort, there are some common building blocks (already mentioned above) used by the creators of such videos. And more details regarding these have been given here:

Phase 1: Pre-Production

This phase is all about preparation, arrangements, and setting the groundwork. In this phase, it is imperative to do a lot of research, sturdy planning, problem-solving, and resources needed to set the corporate video project up to be successful. This phase also includes the following:

  • Video strategies and/or goals
  • Budget and scope
  • Selection of the story
  • Set the project timeline
  • Prepare script
  • Elements
  • The production team and necessary equipment
  • Location scouting
Video Production Production

To identify these essential elements, it is needed to conduct a long series of meetings. Again, this will also depend on the team and the scope of the project. However, the following are some basics to help you get started!

  • Fact-Finding: Call your company’s stakeholders and video production team members and bring them together to discuss the strategy, purpose, and objectives along with the process of finalizing it. While working with such a company, it is necessary to communicate certain information related to your targeted audience, branding, and the look and feel of the final video.
  • Pre-Production Meetings: In this meeting, you need to include the video’s producer and the ‘primary point person’ for the project. Ensure you set realistic goals, timelines, and finalize the location. You can plan this meeting over the phone or in-person.
  • Site Visit: It is completely in your hands whether you want to do a site visit or not. If videographer or producer has not seen the location, it becomes more than necessary to visit the site, otherwise, you can simply skip this step.
  • Preparing for the Shoot: This step includes approval of the scripts, finalizing characters, and confirming locations. All these will ensure a smooth production phase for your corporate video shoot.

Phase 2: Production

Once you are done with the meetings and preparation work, it is time to have some fun! This phase is the point wherein you capture the footage and interviews (if needed) for your corporate video. This is the step in which your story begins to come to life. At this point, you will need to capture raw materials. In case, you have any specific ideas, visions, visuals, or thoughts in your mind for the final product, be sure that you discuss every minutest detail with the corporate video production team. When it comes to the elements, this phase possesses the following:

  • Setting up the video equipment, lighting, and sound
  • Interviewing the characters (if any)
  • Recording voiceovers
  • Capturing ‘B-Roll’ (additional footage to support the story)

If you are outsourcing the video production services, it is advisable to have the ‘primary point person’ available on the shoot location so that they can act as the conduit between your brand and the video producer.

Phase 3: Post-Production

Once the production phase is completed, the video producer and the editor go to their main work. In this phase, the video production team will start the process i.e. organizing, planning, and editing the captured videos. The producer is expected to carefully review the footage recorded and transcribe interviews conducted.

Afterward, they assemble the entire story and the editor will bring all the pieces together with his magical touch. This phase typically involves:

  • Sorting the interviews
  • Producing the final story
  • Selecting appropriate or suitable music
  • Video editing
  • Revisions and approvals
  • Final delivery of the video

Your corporate video production team will manage all the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the final product. Therefore, just sit tight with a cup of coffee and wait for the magic. Even though this process will require some creativity and take some time, you have to be patient. Different companies have different timelines but in general, it may take up to 6-8 weeks.

Once the draft of your corporate video project is ready, it will be the time for the project’s point person and the key stakeholders to step back into the mix:

  • Initial Approvals and Reviews: Once the editors are done with the initial version of your corporate video, review the work. The revision process can start if there are some changes required in it. Companies like us offer a pre-defined number of amendments or simply hours set aside for the same.
  • Final Video: Once the video is approved and finalized by the client, it is will be exported to its final format. If you are planning to post the video on different platforms, be sure to discuss it with the corporate video production team. It is essential because different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. have slightly diverse specifications for optimum video playback.

Closing Remarks

Corporate videos have gained immense popularity in the last few years. These videos are providing businesses or corporate with a platform to easily reach the masses at a minimal cost. In addition to this, these videos are helping businesses narrate their brand story and improve their online presence through social media platforms. A video not only inspires the customers to stay connected but improves business profitability, customer retention, etc. To put it simply, corporate videos act as a powerful statement for businesses to improve the overall brand experience.