What Kind of Videos is Engaging for Social Media?

It is rightly said that social media must be used not just for attracting people, but for impacting them as well. The businesses of the modern-day are doing just the same with efficacy and skills. Almost every company has its social media channel to connect to the people that bring business and growth to it. The content on these channels is regularly updated to attract the attention of the people and make them aware of the updates that are taking place and also sharing the benefits of using their products and services.

The Corporate Film Production Companies are shaking hands with the companies that are willing to stay ahead of the competitors and bestow the viewers with something engaging, effective and useful. Video marketing is the game-changer in the field of online marketing and the corporate sector is taking the full benefits of the same.

But, to get the attention of the people and make sure that your video is getting many shares, likes, and comments from the public, it is essential to make the video that is more than just aesthetic or informative.

There are some kinds of videos that are making a huge impact on the people and getting shared on social media in a great amount.

These kinds of having either or all of the following qualities discussed below:

Aesthetic and Informational – Beauty is the most important element of the visual medium and thus, the mediums such as videos and pictures must focus on the aesthetic qualities of the content. However, in the search of beauty, the information shall not be compromised. The information shall be served to the people in a beautiful way. The videos that the companies share on their public pages shall have a combination of beauty and knowledge to be attractive and informational for the viewers, and then only they will be able to make rounds on the social media.

Message Driven – The companies have the agenda to attract the customers and to share their USP or a hidden message with the viewers. The messages shall be shared in a deceiving way so that the viewers shall not think that the sole purpose of making the video is to promote the product or service. If a social message is to be shared, the makers of the video need to keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of people belonging to any particular demographics.

Sensitive and Appealing – If you are hitting on a sensitive topic, then the video should be made accordingly in the way that it hits the emotional cords of the people and provoke them to accept whatever they are seeing. Emotions are something that makes a man have its true personality and if they are struck with the right message and way through the forms of video, they can contribute a lot to the business growth and have a lot of shares on social media as well.

Funny and Interesting – Another kind of videos that are ruling the social media these days are the funny ones. The people are looking out for ways to entertain themselves in diverse ways and in such a scenario, a short funny video on their social media channels can make them laugh and connect with the content. Many people love to tag their friends and family to the funny videos and share it as much as possible to make others smile as well.

Encouraging and Factual – Motivation can be served in any form and if it is told with a video format, then it can be truly eye-catching. Many companies hire specific role models to promote their products and their words of encouragement or struggle story attract people and make them reach for the product in no time soon.

These were some of the rapidly shared kinds of videos that are having their rounds on social media because people love to see them, and these directly or indirectly increases the businesses and grows the value of the company.

However, there can be different and better types as well. Depending on the professionalism of Corporate Film Production and the idea behind the video, having an entertaining and profitable video is not hard to achieve.

Why do Filmmakers Avoid Cliché?

Corporate Video Production

Film making is a surreal and enchanting experience for everyone involved in the process. It is entertaining, exciting and so much knowledgeable. Danny Boyle is one of the leading filmmakers to explain the experience of film making as “To be a filmmaker, you have to lead. You have to be psychotic in your desire to do something. People always like the always route. You have to push very hard to get something unusual, something different.”

The process cannot be completed by the help of any single person; instead, it requires a team of skilled and creative mindsets. People from the director, actors to the lightmen put arduous efforts in making a film and the audience appreciations are the reward they work for. The Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi are putting their best foot forward to make an impact and the leaders in the domain suggest avoiding cliché as a golden rule.

What is a cliché?

Any idea, expression or element of the artistic work that lacks originality or the meaning is known as a cliché. Any kind of creative work is supposed to be free from clichés as it will make the audience get bored and tired of watching or reading the same old content.

Why filmmaking shall be at a bay from the cliché?

Films are the results of creative work of art and anything creative shall be marked away from repetitiveness and boredom. Cliché is one of the most boring and monotonous elements that can be present in anything and thus creates a contradiction with creativity that is supposed to be original and unique. If there will be no originality in the content, the viewers will not be able to welcome the idea and will look for other ideas for freshness and uniqueness. If a filmmaker is in need of making something original and attractive, then there is a need to ruin it with putting cliché. Cliché can be put either with the use of a dull storyline, copied dialogues, or anything that the audience has seen too many times in the past. It is best to avoid these things and have a fresh idea that would lead to more appreciation and compliments. However, if you need to urgently use the cliché, then you can use it with a twist that would make it more exciting and original in its own aspect.

Who to reach for surreal level filmmaking experience?

There are numerous Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi that tell that they are the best, but as a company that needs to promote its working with ultimate and original filming, you need to find a company that does not just talk the talk, but also walks the walk. Anyone can claim to be the leader, but the company has to prove it to be true with their working and processes. Skittles Productions is one of the majorly appreciated filmmaking company that can be reached for an amazing experience in the field of corporate video making.

4 Styles of Corporate Video that help build brand recognition

Corporate videos add meaning, depth, and value to your business. A strong corporate video sets a foundation for your business offerings and is a brilliant way to diversify your content. Whether you’re just starting to invest in video, or already leveraging the power of corporate videos to amplify your reach, there are few styles of corporate video that can actually help build brand recognition and also guide your customers through the buying process.

Brand Video:
The best assistant that helps the audience identify and relate to your business is your brand video. It presents your company in the best possible light. This video offers a gist of the company’s culture, values, and offerings to the audience. As it renders quality information in a short yet gripping manner, brand videos carry a clear message to the audience as well as for investors and new clients. The best corporate film production houses in Delhi can help you produce compelling content and engaging branded videos.

Case Study Videos:
Case study videos bring the audience face to face with enticing and interesting real stories of customers. They highlight a particular problem, address its details and offer a solution. They are highly impactful marketing tools as they help create good trust users can relate to the stories. Not only random people but real life leaders opening up about their challenges and experiences deepen the value of a case study video. Get your clients or customers from various industries to share their positive experiences. As viewers connect with the people they can recognize, it further helps validate your authenticity.

Corporate Video Production

Explainer Animation Videos:
An explainer video is all about explaining the ease of use of a product or service to prospective clients. In a fun and engaging way, these videos highlight the unique features, technical and operational details of a product. Animated videos are a great marketing tool which can deliver the core business idea and its features to the target audience in a very fascinating way. Animated videos also help retail visitors on your website for a longer time. 2D, 2.5D, 3D animation, stop-motion and high-definition graphics can make your explainer videos a cut above the rest. Marketers are increasingly using explainer animated videos to engage the visitors and for attracting visitors to their site for a longer time.

Corporate videos for employee training:
Videos can serve as an effective tool to train your employees in various fields. Valuable advice and inputs from management, team leaders, subject matter experts and so on can be creatively presented to employees to inform them about brand values and work culture your company has. You can also create an archive of videos covering webinars, lectures, demonstrations and training sessions. These can be accessed by employees to learn and enhance their skills.

In today’s fast-paced digital era where people are bombarded with advertisements and promotions, It has become mandatory to invest in a corporate video for your business to nurture brand loyalty. Not just the style and technique, but the content of the video also matters to a great extent. Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi are enriched in executing high profile videos and films. Businesses can seek their help for producing the best explainer videos that can raise their website traffic and conversion rates.

5 Great Reasons Why SMBs Need Ad Films

Video Productions

A great brand always yearns for a great marketing tool to make its mark in the industry. Ad films or ad videos have gained immense popularity with customers as well as marketers for their obvious visual appeal. Leading Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi like Skittles Productions continue to revolutionize advertising on the digital platform with their impactful short films and ad videos. Whether you are an entrepreneur, entertainer or a start-up, we suggest you should have a unique video ad in your marketing toolbox and here are our reasons.

Introduce Your Brand Personality

1. Introduce Your Brand Personality:

Your business, no matter how small, has a unique personality. The next best thing to the personal introduction is using an explainer video to introduce you. Trust the leading Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR like Skittles Productions to capture your brand voice and put it forth in the form of a creative, engaging and meaningful video ad.

2. Enhanced Social Media Engagement:

Social media users love anything that is video. Opt an ad film created by the Best Film Production Houses in Delhi over a well-written content or a banner as its engagement will be manifold. Videos are the most shared content on social media and if your ad video is unique, it will harness all kinds of engagement.

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3. Improve SEO Ranking:

Not only users, but Google loves videos too. The more time users spend watching your ad video, the greater will be its influence on your brand’s SEO ranking. Link your videos to products and services and turn your viewers into customers.

4. Deliver the best UX:

Ad video at the end of the day is a unique storytelling tool. Top Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi like Skittles Productions knows how to balance entertainment and branding through impeccable storytelling. What results is an ad video that delivers the best user experience.

5. Boost Sales and ROI:

If you are wondering ‘is it worth it?’ our answer is YES. A video can move even the laziest of buyers into action. Top Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR know just the right tricks to present your products or services realistically yet enticingly delivering great ROI.

Get in touch with Skittles Productions today for a soulful corporate video and take your brand to new heights of success.