Exploring Latest Trends In Corporate Video Production

When corporate identity has to be maintained and brand promotion is lined up, then, several tactics are worth a consideration. But, nothing works as effective as corporate videos as they have potential to communicate with the audience precisely. The creative concept, thrilling visuals, theme of the business and sticking to the central message of the business are summarized in the corporate video production services. These services have undergone transformation with the passage of time to make the outcome much prompt. Moreover, engaging the target users has been much simplified with the help of video production services for corporate sector.

Are you wondering how to select the best variant of video production services for promoting your business? In that case, let’s take a look at some of the promising trends of corporate video production which are worth a consideration:

LIVE video streaming: The influence of LIVE videos is directly witnessed on brand promotion as businesses share their insights as a part of LIVE video streaming. It is the best medium to connect with the target audience and discuss about the upcoming products or ventures. The option to interact with the users also make this trend of corporate video production reliable.

Vlogging: Vlogging is one of the powerful trends of video production in the corporate sector, wherein, how-to and educational videos relevant in daily lives are covered. Be it on YouTube, FaceBook or Instagram, vlogging is ideal for expressing USPs of business, showcase experience of the company and offer daily life corporate journey with the users.

Easily searchable videos: These videos are similar to stories share through vlogging. But, this trend of corporate video production enables to keep a record of business promotion activities of an organization. They can even be helpful for businesses in uploading short videos on Instagram or YouTube to talk about trending topics related to business. On a regular basis, these easily searchable videos grab the attention of people further improving user engagement rate.

YouTube Tutorials or educational videos: Whether it is a tutorial or educational video of short duration, users love this trend of corporate video production as it proves to be a vast source of information. Unlike long texts of content, videos are easy to understand and they can be conveniently accessed while exploring information about any business.

Experiential marketing: This strategy of marketing motivates users to engage through real time customer experience. With the help of experiential marketing, LIVE experiences are shared on various platforms to ascertain the reliability of any brand. This trend of corporate video production is indeed very promising and influential.

Auto captioning all videos: Most of the times, the videos or ads which appear between any app may have volume, yet, people may or may not like to turn up the volume. In such cases, videos with auto-captioning proves to be the best idea to keep users informed with these captions. Even if the video is muted, these captions enable the users to understand the video. As a result, they may not even skip the video in between.

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What Kind of Videos is Engaging for Social Media?

It is rightly said that social media must be used not just for attracting people, but for impacting them as well. The businesses of the modern-day are doing just the same with efficacy and skills. Almost every company has its social media channel to connect to the people that bring business and growth to it. The content on these channels is regularly updated to attract the attention of the people and make them aware of the updates that are taking place and also sharing the benefits of using their products and services.

The Corporate Film Production Companies are shaking hands with the companies that are willing to stay ahead of the competitors and bestow the viewers with something engaging, effective and useful. Video marketing is the game-changer in the field of online marketing and the corporate sector is taking the full benefits of the same.

But, to get the attention of the people and make sure that your video is getting many shares, likes, and comments from the public, it is essential to make the video that is more than just aesthetic or informative.

There are some kinds of videos that are making a huge impact on the people and getting shared on social media in a great amount.

These kinds of having either or all of the following qualities discussed below:

Aesthetic and Informational – Beauty is the most important element of the visual medium and thus, the mediums such as videos and pictures must focus on the aesthetic qualities of the content. However, in the search of beauty, the information shall not be compromised. The information shall be served to the people in a beautiful way. The videos that the companies share on their public pages shall have a combination of beauty and knowledge to be attractive and informational for the viewers, and then only they will be able to make rounds on the social media.

Message Driven – The companies have the agenda to attract the customers and to share their USP or a hidden message with the viewers. The messages shall be shared in a deceiving way so that the viewers shall not think that the sole purpose of making the video is to promote the product or service. If a social message is to be shared, the makers of the video need to keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of people belonging to any particular demographics.

Sensitive and Appealing – If you are hitting on a sensitive topic, then the video should be made accordingly in the way that it hits the emotional cords of the people and provoke them to accept whatever they are seeing. Emotions are something that makes a man have its true personality and if they are struck with the right message and way through the forms of video, they can contribute a lot to the business growth and have a lot of shares on social media as well.

Funny and Interesting – Another kind of videos that are ruling the social media these days are the funny ones. The people are looking out for ways to entertain themselves in diverse ways and in such a scenario, a short funny video on their social media channels can make them laugh and connect with the content. Many people love to tag their friends and family to the funny videos and share it as much as possible to make others smile as well.

Encouraging and Factual – Motivation can be served in any form and if it is told with a video format, then it can be truly eye-catching. Many companies hire specific role models to promote their products and their words of encouragement or struggle story attract people and make them reach for the product in no time soon.

These were some of the rapidly shared kinds of videos that are having their rounds on social media because people love to see them, and these directly or indirectly increases the businesses and grows the value of the company.

However, there can be different and better types as well. Depending on the professionalism of Corporate Film Production and the idea behind the video, having an entertaining and profitable video is not hard to achieve.

A Simple Yet Detailed Explanation of the Corporate Video Production Process

Corporate Video Production Process

Using videos to convey your corporate message is an easy yet effective way. It helps you make the most of your content to prepare a solid path for success before you think about picking up your camera. You know what! Great and successful videos are not only about high-tech cameras and microphones but it is about proper planning, forethought, and of course a kick-ass strategy. If you are thinking about corporate video production and not sure about its process or essential steps involved, then just put down your camcorder and enjoy coffee.

In this post, we will elaborate on the corporate video production process but before that, you must understand what video production process is all about!

What is the Process of Corporate Video Production?

For many people, video production is all about pressing the recording button but it is more than that. The process of making a corporate video involves a total of 3 phases – Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production, everything right from conceptualization to completion of the idea, everything is included in these steps. In the first phase – Pre-Production, you plan and coordinate, in the second phase i.e. Production, you capture elements you want to use in your corporate video, and lastly, in Post-Production, you combine and edit the elements captured to create the final video.

Elaborating the Corporate Video Production Process

While this process varies depending on the content, style, timeline, budget, and effort, there are some common building blocks (already mentioned above) used by the creators of such videos. And more details regarding these have been given here:

Phase 1: Pre-Production

This phase is all about preparation, arrangements, and setting the groundwork. In this phase, it is imperative to do a lot of research, sturdy planning, problem-solving, and resources needed to set the corporate video project up to be successful. This phase also includes the following:

  • Video strategies and/or goals
  • Budget and scope
  • Selection of the story
  • Set the project timeline
  • Prepare script
  • Elements
  • The production team and necessary equipment
  • Location scouting
Video Production Production

To identify these essential elements, it is needed to conduct a long series of meetings. Again, this will also depend on the team and the scope of the project. However, the following are some basics to help you get started!

  • Fact-Finding: Call your company’s stakeholders and video production team members and bring them together to discuss the strategy, purpose, and objectives along with the process of finalizing it. While working with such a company, it is necessary to communicate certain information related to your targeted audience, branding, and the look and feel of the final video.
  • Pre-Production Meetings: In this meeting, you need to include the video’s producer and the ‘primary point person’ for the project. Ensure you set realistic goals, timelines, and finalize the location. You can plan this meeting over the phone or in-person.
  • Site Visit: It is completely in your hands whether you want to do a site visit or not. If videographer or producer has not seen the location, it becomes more than necessary to visit the site, otherwise, you can simply skip this step.
  • Preparing for the Shoot: This step includes approval of the scripts, finalizing characters, and confirming locations. All these will ensure a smooth production phase for your corporate video shoot.

Phase 2: Production

Once you are done with the meetings and preparation work, it is time to have some fun! This phase is the point wherein you capture the footage and interviews (if needed) for your corporate video. This is the step in which your story begins to come to life. At this point, you will need to capture raw materials. In case, you have any specific ideas, visions, visuals, or thoughts in your mind for the final product, be sure that you discuss every minutest detail with the corporate video production team. When it comes to the elements, this phase possesses the following:

  • Setting up the video equipment, lighting, and sound
  • Interviewing the characters (if any)
  • Recording voiceovers
  • Capturing ‘B-Roll’ (additional footage to support the story)

If you are outsourcing the video production services, it is advisable to have the ‘primary point person’ available on the shoot location so that they can act as the conduit between your brand and the video producer.

Phase 3: Post-Production

Once the production phase is completed, the video producer and the editor go to their main work. In this phase, the video production team will start the process i.e. organizing, planning, and editing the captured videos. The producer is expected to carefully review the footage recorded and transcribe interviews conducted.

Afterward, they assemble the entire story and the editor will bring all the pieces together with his magical touch. This phase typically involves:

  • Sorting the interviews
  • Producing the final story
  • Selecting appropriate or suitable music
  • Video editing
  • Revisions and approvals
  • Final delivery of the video

Your corporate video production team will manage all the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the final product. Therefore, just sit tight with a cup of coffee and wait for the magic. Even though this process will require some creativity and take some time, you have to be patient. Different companies have different timelines but in general, it may take up to 6-8 weeks.

Once the draft of your corporate video project is ready, it will be the time for the project’s point person and the key stakeholders to step back into the mix:

  • Initial Approvals and Reviews: Once the editors are done with the initial version of your corporate video, review the work. The revision process can start if there are some changes required in it. Companies like us offer a pre-defined number of amendments or simply hours set aside for the same.
  • Final Video: Once the video is approved and finalized by the client, it is will be exported to its final format. If you are planning to post the video on different platforms, be sure to discuss it with the corporate video production team. It is essential because different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. have slightly diverse specifications for optimum video playback.

Closing Remarks

Corporate videos have gained immense popularity in the last few years. These videos are providing businesses or corporate with a platform to easily reach the masses at a minimal cost. In addition to this, these videos are helping businesses narrate their brand story and improve their online presence through social media platforms. A video not only inspires the customers to stay connected but improves business profitability, customer retention, etc. To put it simply, corporate videos act as a powerful statement for businesses to improve the overall brand experience.

What Makes a Corporate Video Successful?

In the epoch wherein our eyes typically glued onto the screens of our mobile phones and laptops, engaging videos are more relevant than the lengthy and stuffy written content. With the rising widespread acceptance of social media platforms, there are jammed packed videos across subject matters available. Right from news and events to daily happenings, humorous stories to cute animal videos, the internet never gets short with the entraining video content.

Now, the question is how to make corporate videos thrive among other exceedingly exciting and engaging videos! Let us be honest, corporate video productionis never recognized for their interesting content. Instead,they are regarded as dry, boring, and slow to drive viewers. But, do not lose your heart! There are several corporate videos available which have stood out due to its presentation, content, and other aspects. Undeniably, a fair amount of videos failed to engage its targeted users, but your corporate videos can!

Have you ever noticed why some corporate videos have such an impeccable record of engagement? Why they are so successful in increasing the ROI and creating brand awareness? Even though there is no rocket science in it but the following tips can make corporate videos so powerful:

Use of Clear Images

First and foremost, let us shed some light on the importance of the quality of the images. As a viewer, what do you usually do when the quality of images or footage is low? You skip it, don’t you! The effectiveness and success of corporate videos highly depend on the quality of the images used. Today, there are several highly advanced cameras available in the market. You can just sit back, have your snacks, and capture quality images for the videos.

Keep it Short but Creative

A short, creative, and crispy content are all you need to create magical videos for your business. It is said that a corporate video should be under 3 minutes long. However, it has to be effective though everything particularly the content depends on your targeted audience. It is a human tendency that if the video is too long, people start losing interest and concentration. So, it is important to keep your corporate videos short and clear. As a business, you do not want your audiences to skip your videos. Also, note that people do not watch videos to listen to your long history lessons so give them something interesting and unique.

A Creative Story is Must

Do you know why certain videos are so popular? A corporate video acts as a medium that can easily and effectively incorporate the visual as well as audio content. So, weave your storyline, then put some soothing words along with creative shots and motion graphics for a pleasant narration. You can make any tedious corporate video interesting by adding striking music for that WOW factor. Be so creative that your viewers do not want your videos to finish!

Convey Clear Message through Your Videos

No matter what form you choose for your story idea, it should be as clear as possible. You motive should be telling your targeted audiences succinctly about your brand and its services. This is how your brand’s reputation and awareness will build. And do not forget to add a ‘Call to Action’ at the end to encourage your viewers to invest something in your services.

Back-Up is the Key

Always back-up whatever you have said! No matter how amazingyour corporate video is, you would lose reputation and trust if your services or goods do not perform as they are expected. Keep in mind that once you lose your reputation, it becomes extremely hard to regain it.

There are some more useful points that can help you make a normal and boring corporate video production interesting enough to grab the attention. We will throw some light on those points in our next part of this blog post. So stay tuned!

Things to know before hiring the best Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi

Top Things You Should Know Before Opting A Video Production Company

Finding one of the best Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi can be exhausting. The market of corporate film production is expanding at a fast pace and it is crowded with competitive players. Each of them has carved its own niche that it becomes difficult to find the most suitable one to fulfil marketing needs.

Being one of the leading Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi, Skittles Productions has curetted a list of important things that can determine the decision of hiring a corporate filmmaker for the brand.


Working on a corporate film is all about synchronizing the ethics and culture of the brand. The best Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi possess the skills that can convey a compelling brand story and enhance the company’s reputation. Thus, it is necessary to always identify the domain in which the production house operates and deliver high-quality output.

Previous projects and samples

Before finalizing any of the Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi, it is necessary to understand their style, versatility and working process. It is always beneficial to have a clear idea about the execution that can save a lot on your time, effort and cost. While exploring the options, feel free to ask for previous projects and samples that can help you in evaluating the quality that the production house offers.

Expected Budget / Costing

Budget is one of the most crucial things that determine the choice of the Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi. Usually, the most experienced one charges more than the budding or freelance filmmakers. Depending upon the process and quality, the budget is sketched out and brands should never compromise their objective in order to save on the final costing.

Timeline and delivery of the video

Creating an impactful video production company is not a cakewalk. It is imperative to know that Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi do not work on tight deadlines. They spend ample time in research, drafting the storyboard and post-production stage. Thus, it is essential to be transparent about the working terms and project delivery to achieve the expected quality.

In today’s era of social media marketing, everything is easily accessible. Brands looking for the most suitable Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi may simply visit their social media profiles and find the samples. Besides this, one on one interaction with the team can help you find the best possible way to create a compelling brand story.