How to Build Creative Video Concepts?

While videos have become a popular and crucial part of most businesses’ marketing plans, it is imperative that these videos are powerful ones that help you achieve your business goals. Once you are clear about your business targets, the core message that the video will carry and your prospective consumers, you need to start working towards the marketing content of the video. It is extremely essential to have a creative approach while building the content of the video and the concept behind. The conceptualization of the video must strike a balance with the marketing message that the business wants to put across. A creative approach is fine, but it also should also be realistic, practical and doable.

What does it Take to Build Creative Video Concepts?

Creative Video Concepts for Business Marketing

Let’s have a look at what goes into the making of amazing videos.

1: – Purpose

You must have a clarity on “why” is this video being made? “What” is it that this video will help achieve? “Who” is going to watch this video? “How” is this video going to make a difference to our business? “When” is the appropriate time to launch the video? Once your objective is clear and you have answers to these questions your foundation is prepared. You know what purpose your video is going to serve.

2: – Brainstorming.

Your brain is a treasure house of originality and inventiveness. Brainstorm all the creative ideas that come to you. Do it solo. Don’t let the ideas, concerns or views of others adulterate your creativity. Come up with as many innovative ideas as you can. Make a note of them. Let your theories and thoughts be out of the box. They can be weird or strange. Do not let anything restrict your creativity at this point. In fact, seek inspiration from unconventional sources.

3: – Review

Do this with your team. Review and criticize your brief. Let the thoughts of others pool in and discuss everybody’s point of view. Here one needs to be realistic while finalizing the concept. While your imagination may have soared high in the brainstorming stage, it is now time to curtail some ideas to make them achievable for the business. Shortlist and narrow down to three to four best conceptual ideas.

4: – The Final Concept

It is now the time to choose one and bid adieu to all the other creative plans that you or your team generated. Get down to the nitty gritty of the concepts and choose ONE idea that you BELIEVE is the perfect one. Be practical but also believe in what your gut says. It may not be the ideal idea, but it should be that one idea that proves the best for your business.

5: – Execution

Now the crux is ready. You need to bring your ideas and creative concepts to life. The images, lights, sound, the look and all the other practical aspects come into play here. Repeat the above steps. Visualize the execution alone, then with your team and then zero it down to the best one.

These minutes but essential stages will help the videos resonate with the audience, thereby make an impact on the consumer behavior.

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