7 Reasons to Go for Product Videos for Your Business

In the last few years, there has been a huge buzz regarding product videos and many leading companies are now choosing these videos. But what is a product video and how is it being used as an effective marketing tool? As the name suggests, product videos are designed to demonstrate the features and the services of the product through a video as people are more likely to remember audio-video content. A good company of video production in Delhi may offer various types of these videos and each type has its own benefits as per your precise business goals, needs, and the targeted audience. But, today in this post, we will discuss the benefits of explainer videos that you can use to tell your compelling product stories to the entire world in the shortest period.

So, check out the following reasons to go with this type of product videos:

Attract more customers
What do you want to make your dream venture grow? You would surely want to attract new customers and retain the existing ones, right? If yes, then there is NO better way to grab the attention of new customers than these explainer videos. These videos come with high mobility which makes them outstanding tools for promotion and marketing.

Educate your customers
A product explainer video is the best option if you want to inform and educate your customers about the product. You should note down that people only buy products when they are completely informed and convinced.

Build your brand awareness
People tend to keep more and more information when they are provided with videos instead of text-heavy content. This recognition and remembrance of your products will help you create brand awareness.

Generate the interest of your customers 
We all love watching videos rather than reading long texts. Therefore, a concise and crisp video with some creative content and soothing music is an amazing way to showcase your products.

Easy yet effective presentation
People prefer solid evidence instead of boring explanations. As a business, you should also consider the famous old saying – SEEING IS BELIEVING. And when it comes to the product’s explanation, you do not have to worry about anything as these videos will take care of everything in the most compelling way possible. Even the most complicated processes can easily be demonstrated or explained through these videos.

Add emotional touch
Visual content is quite a powerful tool if you want to create an emotional connection with your targeted audience. Having these videos with a positive yet emotional appeal can take you halfway through to make the sale.

Build trust
People trust brands that have video content. Products featuring in the explainer videos are considered more authentic and genuine, besides they provide every detail which can help you build trust with your potential buyers.

Closing Remarks
So, thinking of getting one product explainer video for your products? Get in touch with the best video production in Delhi i.e. Skittles Productions to get quality and fully customized videos to cater to the different needs of your targeted audience.

How to Find the Right Video Production Company in Delhi?

At first, it looks daunting to find the best video production company for your corporate project! Well, if you follow the right ways, this process does not have to be as scary as it sounds. It is true. It does not have to be at all! It only takes a bit of research and planning. If you are someone who is responsible for branding and promotion, things become quite puzzled sometimes.

So, we have decided to help you make an informed decision. Simply follow the simple steps listed below to find the best video production company in Delhi and produce impressive corporate videos for your business:

  • Define Your Business Goals

By identifying your business objectives, you can easily narrow down the type of videos you want for your business. For example, you can go for corporate videos if you want to spread brand awareness or want to tell people about the new products/services you are planning to launch. By doing this, you can narrow down some names that would be able to help you with the project you need. This will help you save a significant amount of money as well as time! Well, it is a cliché but can be happened. Moreover, you must start your project by defining your goals. It means you should start planning early.

  • Define Your Budget for the Video

For many businesses, this can be the most difficult part when it comes to hiring a professional video production company. To many people, paying someone to create a corporate video is more like an expense. However, we know that you are smarter than others. You can differentiate it as a good investment for your business. If you don’t, then you must check out the benefits of choosing videos as an essential marketing strategy. Since videos are considered as an effective and quick marketing tool, you should ensure that your budget is realistic for the video type you have in your mind. One important point to note down is that – you always get what you pay for!

  • Research the Prospective Agencies

The easy availability of the internet has made everything effortless. So, conduct a ‘thorough investigation’ on the best corporate video production companies in Delhi that spark your interest. For this, you need to spend an adequate amount of time checking out the best options available. However, do not forget to look into their experience, expertise, previous work, and particularly the most recent projects. This will give you a fair idea of what type of projects they have handled in the past and if they can deliver the quality as per your expectations.

It is suggested not to limit your search within your area only as many good companies are willing to travel. However, it also depends on the video type you want for your business. For instance, if you need an explainer video, you can connect with any good video production company as most of the work for such videos is done digitally. So, keep your needs in mind while exploring the options.

  • Meet and Interview the Best Ones

Once you have shortlisted a few names (as you believe to be the best match for your project), just call them up or email them to schedule a face-to-face meeting (if possible) or a phone call for further discussion. Do not afraid to ask questions! Even if it seems trivial, just ask away! Collect all the facts in the beginning so that you will not end up with a video you do not like or useless for your business.


Not that difficult, right! Just a bit of homework and planning from your end and you will get the awesome video that you can utilize to market your brand and its offering. So, consider all these essential points and find the right partner for the work.

5 Skills Every Corporate Film maker Needs to Succeed

Beginning your journey as a professional filmmaker is easy but building the skills needed to succeed in the industry requires much more commitment and time. When everyone will want different skills based on the position they would like to obtain, for corporate filmmakers in Delhi India, there are certain skills that everyone should possess.

So, by fostering the following 5 skills, every professional can play a pivotal role in making impressive videos and films, no matter what that position or role maybe:

Technical Expertise

To do the job perfectly, as a filmmaker, you must have technical experience. While you do not have to be a specialist on every aspect of film making, it is essential to at least know what is a good shot and how to attain it, including framing, lighting, staging along with the technology that has to be used! Moreover, some technical understanding or knowledge of different pieces of the process is imperative to succeed and this includes sound, camerawork, lighting, design, special effects, graphics, post-production, and more.

Creativity and Flexibility

Without creativity, it is nearly impossible to make impressive and influential corporate films and videos. You should understand that from start to end, filmmaking or video creation requires a creative vision. Furthermore, you should be ready to work on the position (s) that may not be your dream post but needs your creative vision to significantly contribute to the corporate film or video as a whole! If you are creative as well as flexible, you can always find some ways to considerably contribute as a filmmaker, whether you are running the show or just starting your journey!

Writing Skills and Visual Storytelling

Even though corporate filmmakers sometimes spend hours, weeks, and even months making a film, there is no surefire way to make a successful film without the impressive writing and visual storytelling skills. Since not everyone is born creative, you can still foster your skills through regular practice and reading.

Decisive and Problem-Solving Ability

Whatever position you have given i.e. filmmaker, cinematographer, or anything, you should be able to be accountable for the tasks your role needs and you must be able to significantly contribute to the work of other people by knowing how your work will affect and is affected by the work of other teammates. That means that whether you are leading direction, production, or working behind the cameras, you will be working as an effective leader in any way necessary to solve problems and take decisions.

Impressive Communication Skills

Irrespective of the industry, communication skills are the key. However, when you are a corporate filmmaker in Delhi and working with numerous cast and crew members, good and impressive communication skills are an absolute need. Without this skill, your expertise and experience cannot help you bring a vision to life and convey a story effectively. To put it simply, communication skills are the only effective way to be sure that every member is on the same page throughout the process.

Summing Up

Corporate filmmaking is not an easy thing to do! As a corporate film maker, you may run into problems that you do not know how to solve. To deal with all those issues and tackle the dilemmas, you must have these essential skills to move forward. So, foster these essential yet useful tips to be ready to make extraordinary corporate films and videos for your clients.

What are the most popular trends of video production in Delhi?

Video Production

Video production in Delhi is increasingly becoming popular among organizations and individuals for branding purposes. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools in boosting marketing strategy and fulfilling its objective. Businesses invest a good amount of money to communicate their story through interactive visuals that can engage the audience in the most compelling manner.

In order to grow the consumer base of a particular business, video production in Delhi offers a promising narration of the brand story with the utmost professionalism.

Let’s understand the most popular trends that have caught the interest of the businesses in video production:

Corporate film making

Corporate film making is a creative way to engage the target audience in the shortest duration possible. It requires great precision to present the brand message in a crisp manner. Presently, corporate film making is proving extremely beneficial to businesses at different events and digital platforms. Agencies offering video production in Delhi create an exclusive storyline to deliver impactful corporate films that can persuade the target audience to take action.

Animated Explainer Video

In the current business scenario, Animated Explainer Videos have captured a huge chunk of video production in Delhi. Any organization or a brand having a complex product or service can take advantage of animated explainer videos to explain the business idea, product features and working. In short, agencies offering video production in Delhi aims to summarize the business details in a crisp manner to grab viewers’ attention.

TV commercial

TV commercials are the most influential source of creating brand awareness and encourage the target customer base to take action. An effective TV commercial helps in expanding the reach and customer base as well that further results in revenue generation. TV commercials are the most dominant form of advertising that increases brand visibility, creates emotional connect and builds trust.

Short films

Short films are considered as one of the most important tools of communication and marketing for the company. With the outreach of social media, short films attract millions of viewers with cutting edge content to communicate a hard-hitting message. The creative professionals at video production in Delhi use state of the art equipment to create tailor-made short films for the clients.

Videos are the key component of marketing strategy. They captivate the visitors’ mind and meet multiple objectives at a time. Moreover, they also shape the personality and culture of the brand.

Aspects to consider while choosing video production services in Delhi

Video production services in Delhi

Staying updated with the trends is something which ever business house needs to prioritize. The same is applicable in the case of production houses. Corporate videos directed by these production houses are often beneficial for all sized companies. However, in this cutthroat competition, executing aggressive marketing campaign in a creative and distinct way is the primary aspect to be considered. On Delhi, production houses are adding value to the business of various companies through an effective video marketing strategy. No doubt, there are many ways of spreading the word about business, but the production houses in Delhi are creatively planning the concept of video for promoting business. In fact, these videos are one of the strongest mediums to give a snippet about the services of the company.

Nevertheless, finding the best production house becomes in such a scenario becomes crucial. Not only does this company has highly experienced filmmakers, but it also, utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer a practical outcome to the clients. A perfect video is not the one that summarizes the business vision of the company but creatively engages the audience through visual presentation. Even though, the essence of business should always be retained in the video in a crisp manner

Image result for video production

At this point, it is worth discussing the USPs to be explored in the services offered by the best video production company in Delhi:

Distinct approach for the effective outcome: Thinking beyond the available parameters of video creation makes the production house much reliable. In short, the organization which offers distinctness in its video production services can certainly add an innovative strategy to make the video effective. Therefore, it is highly significant to select the best out of all the production houses in Delhi to boost the sales of the business. This production house will make the concept of video refreshing, unique and offer an analytical vision to the audience. Along with the evaluation of the business, people will also be able to take the decision of availing the services of a company without and confusion.

Bifurcation of processes to make video marketing successful: There are three main stages of video production, namely, pre-production, production, and post-production. Hence, before availing the services of the video production house, it is necessary to identify the strategic planning of the company. This will give clients an overview of the alignment of processes and whether they are complementing each other or not. Basically, all the elements of the businesses must be covered in a short duration, but, editing of the footage is also important. Thus, by seeking details about the proper execution of all the stages of video production, clients can stay assured about the quality of services.

Previous work assessment: Enough has been stated about the portfolio and previous work assessment of the production houses in Delhi prior to availing of their services. However, this point is totally valid at present too due to its relevance. To be precise, in order to get the corporate video produced to engage the targeted audience, clients need to think practically. They should know the video production house and its performance in the past and its success rate in promoting the business. On the basis of these statistics, it becomes simplified to take the right decision. Most of all, the portfolio of the production house gives a glimpse of services and their effective mechanism.

Budget and timeline: Every company has a different budget scale to invest in video marketing and the same goes for the timeline of the project. On a practical note, timeline of the project depends on how early the client wants the video to be transmitted on various social media or other platforms. Needless to say, it is ideal to discuss the estimated budget and timeline of the project in advance. Based on the discussion, it will become easier to decide whether the video production house is suitable for business promotion or not.

The final call to invest in the services of production houses in Delhi

The best video production house should suffice to the business requirements of the company, yet, in an appealing way. The content of the video should be engaging, appealing, relevant and user-friendly. If all these attributes are added in the video marketing campaign then, the chosen production house in Delhi is worth an investment. Lastly, effective video can churn out profits and attract sales.