How Can Corporate Film Production Services be Beneficial for Business Promotion?

Traditional means of communication need to be replaced with modern ways of user engagement. Considering this thought, the importance of corporate videos has been realized by organizations. Be it for participation in a corporate film festival or to engage the audience through short films, it is essential to find the best corporate film production houses in Delhi. In today’s times, driving in masses through videos giving an insight to them about the business is not just an interesting way, but also, an engaging concept to influence them. As a result, the targeted customers are compelled to avail the services of the chosen company. Besides, it has been noticed that internet traffic is the major source which bridges the communication gap between users and the company.

According to the rapid pace of the world, corporate film production houses in Delhi help companies in transmitting brand message easily and efficiently. In fact, the audience can simplify their search to market the products and services of their company. The processes of corporate film production houses are planned in a strategic and innovative way to make the final outcome definite. From pre-production and production to production, the company looks forward to compiling the chief message of the business effectively. The following points are worth consideration while contacting the corporate film production house:

Know how to tell your story through a corporate or explainer video: You must have often thought about how to improve your audience base in an easier way. Well, you must get in touch with a corporate video production company which can tell the story of your business in a precise yet impressive way. The professional producers, editing and post-production team should use wonderful effects to represent your brand in the video.

Length of the video must be short, yet, its message should be relevant: The videos or corporate short films are tailored in a precise way, but, you should check their content may be relevant. In simple words, the corporate video production services chosen for you should add your brand message in the film without amiss.

The video should be creative and artistic: A video can engage the audience or present your business if it has been produced in a creative and artistic way. These two important aspects will ensure that prospective audience gets attracted to the content and explore your services of the company readily.

Lastly, the whole idea of getting in touch with the best corporate film production houses in Delhi is to customize corporate film or avail video production services to promote your business.

4 Ways To Start Using Video Content For Marketing

Digital marketing ninjas are always looking for ways to increase engagement and boost conversion rates. They have realized the mega potential of video content to encourage their audience to act and drive sales. Search engines just love video content and looking at the digital marketing trends of this year, videos are reigning the market. If you too are a dynamic marketer who is eager to try new marketing techniques, collaborate with production houses in Delhi today to create awesome content for your brand and achieve your marketing goals with it.

Here are a few ways you can use video content for marketing:

1. Optimize your videos

You may have got a great video created by a creative video production company in Delhi. Yet you still need to optimize your videos in order to increase its visibility. This means that you should keep in mind the format of the social media platform where you would be posting all your videos. In case you are pushing all your content on Youtube, you should observe how Youtube drives its content. Here are a few ways to optimize your video content:

  • Keywords: These keywords mean the phrases people are using to search a type of content on video platform. In order to make your content visible to your viewers organically, you should insert these keywords in the heading and description of your video. Match the most search entries to obtain accuracy and precision.
  • Thumbnails: All production houses in Delhi know that a video thumbnail should be attractive and actionable. Thumbnails are the small images that represent the video before it is played. Do not use any random picture for the thumbnail. It should show real people in the video to prompt people to watch the video.
  • Description: The title of the video and description should have the keyword. Add a CTA or call to action in the description while making it informative at the same time.

2. Corporate Presentation

Hire a film production house and get a corporate video for your business if you don’t have one already. Gone are those days when you wrote paragraphs in the ‘About Us’ section. Instead, companies are now putting videos on the webpage. This is not only creative but also increases engagement on your website. Ask the corporate video production company in Delhi to make a compelling and creative story of your company’s journey and environment so that people get a good glimpse of your business values. A corporate video is a way of telling about yourself in a more interactive and amusing way.

3. Long Form Content

Sure the times are changing. With lesser time on people’s hands, they are preferring short content. Therefore short videos on Facebook and Instagram do well. They are quick and short. But, if you are thinking in the long run, long form videos are more fruitful. Don’t stick to creating short online videos. Hire any of the production houses in Delhi and create long explanatory videos that you think will help your viewers and customers with solving an issue or a problem.

4. Live Videos

In case you want to drive engagement on your social media channel, make use of live videos. The real-time content in live videos is what makes them popular and a strong marketing tool. People like to watch live videos because there is an element of surprise. They put comments on the video which drives engagement and gives a boost to your video content. They even watch the live video till the end so you can ask them to take an action in the end.

Hope these tips are helpful in achieving your marketing goals for this year using video content as a new alternative.

4 Reasons Why You Need A Corporate Video Production Strategy

Nowadays, to make their content appealing and target oriented, businesses don’t just rely on written content. Amazing content must lead to conversion and if trends are to be seen, corporate videos are doing just that. But you need to make a amazing corporate video production strategy, you have to cover all of your business bases.

Why You Need A Corporate Video Production Strategy

This is the age of digitalisation since the digital platform is evolving every single day.  Businesses now make use of all the virtual mediums to reach their targeted consumers. Not all love to read blogs, e-brochures or newsletters, considering everyone is short on time and like to receive short, quick yet all-inclusive information. Hence, it is imperative that your messaging in content should be lucrative enough so more users consume it.

Hence, it is essential for a business to have an effective corporate video production strategy in place. One cannot leave any loopholes here and all bases need to be covered.

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Here’s why one needs to have a comprehensive corporate video production strategy

1:- Google supports the video trend

Google acquired Youtube in 2006, and that is when it made a strong connect with videos, considering videos made a huge impact in SEO. Wondering how did the videos popped up in search results? Initially Google integrated just the links of the relevant videos as a part of the search results. It is over the years that it made the entire video show up in the search result. For Example:- A brand that sells cosmetic products has videos uploaded on how to use their products or how effective they are. These videos too would pop up besides their website page. This trend has greatly helped in improving the page rankings of businesses. Thus, it’s  important for the organisations to capitalize on this feature and ensure that the link of their company website is featured in the video itself or in the description segment under the video. Impressed or intrigued upon watching the video, a prospective consumer may want to try out the product.

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2:- Ease of Sharing

Sharing videos is an effortless task, and can be done on fingertips, literally! Youtube, Vimeo etc. are amazing platforms for sharing videos. All you need is the link that takes you to the video or the embedded code that is given by the site. Blogs, Insta Pages, Facebook pages, Twitter- are social media platforms where you can share your videos. All you need is a little promotion at the beginning of the launch of the video. This will intern make your target audience spread the word for you, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Your video will go viral and become popular on search results if shared, liked or commented upon, a couple of times. For it to rank higher, it is essential people actively engage with your videos.

3:- Each one learns differently.

The aim of Corporate Video Production is to create content that educates. It is not an unknown fact that every individual is a different kind of learner. Some grasp information through audio and some by looking at it. Hence, it is essential that your content must cater to different learners with different needs. It does not matter what product or service you are aiming to sell, the end result is to leave your consumer educated and empowered. If you merely write down an explanatory blog or list you are helping only the read-write learners. When you create comprehensive corporate videos you also help auditory and visual learners. If the videos carry easy-to-follow and quick instructions, you also are able to help kinesthetic learners. These are those learners who work along as you instruct in the videos, and always appreciate a more hand-on approach.

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4 – It helps you set your goals

Essentially, you need to know why you’re even bothering to create videos in the first place. What kind of audience are you trying to reach? What do you want them to do after taking a look at your content? These answers should drive every decision you make throughout the rest of the process.

Corporate Video Production thus helps your brand to attract and reach many consumers who appreciate appealing content. Videos bring a perfect mix of information, training and entertainment. You can even derive the benefits of transcription here. Transcribe your video into the text format right underneath the video on your blog. The read-write learners will have a reason to rejoice here! Also, this practice would help improve your SEO.

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5 Great Reasons Why SMBs Need Ad Films

A great brand always yearns for a great marketing tool to make its mark in the industry. Ad films or ad videos have gained immense popularity with customers as well as marketers for their obvious visual appeal. Leading Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi like Skittles Productions continue to revolutionize advertising on the digital platform with their impactful short films and ad videos. Whether you are an entrepreneur, entertainer or a start-up, we suggest you should have a unique video ad in your marketing toolbox and here are our reasons.

Why SMBs need Ad Films

1. Introduce Your Brand Personality:

Your business, no matter how small, has a unique personality. The next best thing to personal introduction is using an explainer video to introduce you. Trust the leading Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR like Skittles Productions to capture your brand voice and put it forth in the form of a creative, engaging and meaningful video ad.

2. Enhanced Social Media Engagement:

Social media users love anything that is video. Opt an ad film created by the Best Film Production Houses in Delhi over a well-written content or a banner as its engagement will be manifold. Videos are the most shared content on social media and if your ad video is unique, it will harness all kinds of engagement.

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3. Improve SEO Ranking:

Not only users, but Google loves videos too. The more time users spend watching your ad video, the greater will be its influence on your brand’s SEO ranking. Link your videos to products and services and turn your viewers into customers.

4. Deliver the best UX:

Ad video at the end of the day is a unique storytelling tool. Top Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi like Skittles Productions knows how to balance entertainment and branding through impeccable storytelling. What results is an ad video that delivers the best user experience.

5. Boost Sales and ROI:

If you are wondering ‘is it worth it?’ our answer is YES. A video can move even the laziest of buyers into action. Top Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR know just the right tricks to present your products or services realistically yet enticingly delivering great ROI.

Get in touch with Skittles Productions today for a soulful corporate video and take your brand to new heights of success.