4 Styles of Corporate Video that help build brand recognition

Corporate videos add meaning, depth, and value to your business. A strong corporate video sets a foundation for your business offerings and is a brilliant way to diversify your content. Whether you’re just starting to invest in video, or already leveraging the power of corporate videos to amplify your reach, there are few styles of corporate video that can actually help build brand recognition and also guide your customers through the buying process.

Brand Video:
The best assistant that helps the audience identify and relate to your business is your brand video. It presents your company in the best possible light. This video offers a gist of the company’s culture, values, and offerings to the audience. As it renders quality information in a short yet gripping manner, brand videos carry a clear message to the audience as well as for investors and new clients. The best corporate film production houses in Delhi can help you produce compelling content and engaging branded videos.

Case Study Videos:
Case study videos bring the audience face to face with enticing and interesting real stories of customers. They highlight a particular problem, address its details and offer a solution. They are highly impactful marketing tools as they help create good trust users can relate to the stories. Not only random people but real life leaders opening up about their challenges and experiences deepen the value of a case study video. Get your clients or customers from various industries to share their positive experiences. As viewers connect with the people they can recognize, it further helps validate your authenticity.

Corporate Video Production

Explainer Animation Videos:
An explainer video is all about explaining the ease of use of a product or service to prospective clients. In a fun and engaging way, these videos highlight the unique features, technical and operational details of a product. Animated videos are a great marketing tool which can deliver the core business idea and its features to the target audience in a very fascinating way. Animated videos also help retail visitors on your website for a longer time. 2D, 2.5D, 3D animation, stop-motion and high-definition graphics can make your explainer videos a cut above the rest. Marketers are increasingly using explainer animated videos to engage the visitors and for attracting visitors to their site for a longer time.

Corporate videos for employee training:
Videos can serve as an effective tool to train your employees in various fields. Valuable advice and inputs from management, team leaders, subject matter experts and so on can be creatively presented to employees to inform them about brand values and work culture your company has. You can also create an archive of videos covering webinars, lectures, demonstrations and training sessions. These can be accessed by employees to learn and enhance their skills.

In today’s fast-paced digital era where people are bombarded with advertisements and promotions, It has become mandatory to invest in a corporate video for your business to nurture brand loyalty. Not just the style and technique, but the content of the video also matters to a great extent. Corporate Film Production Houses in Delhi are enriched in executing high profile videos and films. Businesses can seek their help for producing the best explainer videos that can raise their website traffic and conversion rates.

5 Great Reasons Why SMBs Need Ad Films

5 Great Reasons Why SMBs Need Ad Films

A great brand always yearns for a great marketing tool to make its mark in the industry. Ad films or ad videos have gained immense popularity with customers as well as marketers for their obvious visual appeal. Leading Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi like Skittles Productions continue to revolutionize advertising on the digital platform with their impactful short films and ad videos. Whether you are an entrepreneur, entertainer or a start-up, we suggest you should have a unique video ad in your marketing toolbox and here are our reasons.

Introduce Your Brand Personality

1. Introduce Your Brand Personality:

Your business, no matter how small, has a unique personality. The next best thing to the personal introduction is using an explainer video to introduce you. Trust the leading Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR like Skittles Productions to capture your brand voice and put it forth in the form of a creative, engaging and meaningful video ad.

2. Enhanced Social Media Engagement:

Social media users love anything that is video. Opt an ad film created by the Best Film Production Houses in Delhi over a well-written content or a banner as its engagement will be manifold. Videos are the most shared content on social media and if your ad video is unique, it will harness all kinds of engagement.

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3. Improve SEO Ranking:

Not only users, but Google loves videos too. The more time users spend watching your ad video, the greater will be its influence on your brand’s SEO ranking. Link your videos to products and services and turn your viewers into customers.

4. Deliver the best UX:

Ad video at the end of the day is a unique storytelling tool. Top Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi like Skittles Productions knows how to balance entertainment and branding through impeccable storytelling. What results is an ad video that delivers the best user experience.

5. Boost Sales and ROI:

If you are wondering ‘is it worth it?’ our answer is YES. A video can move even the laziest of buyers into action. Top Film Production Houses in Delhi NCR know just the right tricks to present your products or services realistically yet enticingly delivering great ROI.

Get in touch with Skittles Productions today for a soulful corporate video and take your brand to new heights of success.